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A Charter of Rights: Our Charter. Our Rights. Our Future.


Let’s write our next chapter

Australia is the only western democracy which does not protect the basic rights and freedoms of its people through legislation or in the constitution. This means that our rights, which have been hard-won, can be unwound too easily by the old parties or corporations.

We believe that the rights of people are far more important than the rights of corporations, that’s why we’ve launched this campaign to protect our economic, employment, civil, cultural and environmental rights.

A Charter of Rights will give us all the opportunity to shape our own lives and help us to live with dignity and self-respect. It’s time to write the next chapter in the Australian story. A Charter of Rights is part of that story.

Help Us Make History

In this term of Parliament, we will introduce legislation to create a Charter of Rights. This history-making process will be informed by discussions with communities around the country and through our work with the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights.

A Charter of Rights is an opportunity to reflect the values of our society, and uphold the dignity of every single person. That’s why every Australian should be part of this discussion.

Join our campaign today and, together, we will write the next chapter.

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Why A Charter of Rights?

The metadata laws, the disastrous Northern Territory intervention, and the ongoing torture of refugees and asylum seekers on Manus Island and Nauru are three compelling examples of how easily human rights can be stripped away.

John Howard’s cruel changes to the Marriage Act in 2004 to rule out marriage equality would arguably not been possible if equal rights for LGBTI people were enshrined in law.

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What about Constitutional change?
While we believe in the long term that a Constitutional Charter of Rights should happen, but there is urgency in protecting people’s rights as soon as possible, as they are under threat on so many fronts.
What about people’s responsibilities?
Every single person has fundamental rights. They are dearly valued by every Australian, but not well protected or spelled out in our national laws. Most other Commonwealth laws and regulations make people’s responsibilities clear.
What kind of rights do you want to protect?
The Greens want to see a broad range of rights protected, including digital rights, economic rights, the right to a clean environment and conventional civil and legal rights. But we also want the Australian people to have their say, which is why we are moving to hold an inquiry into the charter before we table the legislation. These are everyone’s rights and this will be a charter for all of us.
What are the next steps?

We will refer the Charter to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights to determine the best model, as well as the rights that should be included.

We will continue to work with organisations and individuals across the country as part of our work. This is a conversation for everyone to be involved in. Join our campaign to keep up to date with developments.